Lingrui Feng

BA Majoring in Chinese Literature and Language in South China Normal University

MA Majoring in Photography: Image and Electronic Arts in Goldsmiths, University of London

Based in Hangzhou. 

Exhibition | 参展经历:

“Fragmentation”, Coningsby Gallery, London | “碎片化”,康宁拜,伦敦

“Pandora’s box”, No Space Online Exhibition, London & Beijing| “潘多拉魔盒”,No Space,北京&伦敦

“Off-Track”,  Professor Stuart Hall, London

“Zhai”, ArtRhine, Beijing | “宅”主题展,莱美因艺术,北京

Coronavirus International Online Art Exhibition, NY20+, ONLINE | “2020线上国际展”,NY20+,线上

“NeoPlationism”, Kunshan Art Museum, Suzhou | “立像以尽意”,昆山艺术宫,苏州

“Accidenting” ,CSSA-GOLDSMITHS, London(Online) | “意外上行”,CSSA-GOLDSMITHS,伦敦(线上)

“The Body”, A60 Exhibition, Millan | “身体”,A60艺术,米兰

“Unbounded Project”, Three Shadows, China | “无界艺术周”,三影堂,中国

"Anchorage", Parallel Exhibition of the 5th Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale | “碇泊”, 第五届苏州金鸡湖双年展平行展

Postwave Art Festival,Build NO.8, SHANGHAI | 后浪艺术节,外滩8号,上海

Publication | 出版经历:

Goldust Magazine, London

Zone Magazine, London

Other | 其他:

Lensculture Portrait Award Top Rated

Attending Off-Print held by Tate Modern X Photoworks | 参与Tate Modern X photoworks联合举办Off-print活动

Selected in ASFEA aution | 作品选入ASFEA慈善拍卖会
Attending 14-day Ripples Artist Residence Online Program | 参与奔放艺术村“涟·艺术驻岛计划”

Comments and collaborations are WELCOME