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FILE:21th Century Mo Ray's Disappearance

2021 -  
Jiaqing Mo & Lingrui Feng (AKA: MO RAY)

        This ongoing fictional project is discussing that every individual person's own individuality, identity, personality and independent thinking ability are threatened by complex influence including government force, religions, society environment, and natural environment.

                 I has both experience of living in China and UK, so it give me splitting sensation to me to see how China describes western countries and how Western countries describe China. I can see the governments are trying to put each other on the opposite side and inducing their public to believe what the governments want to advocate. I didn’t figure out this until I found out I had more negative opinions on China when I was in UK or other western countries, and on the contrary, I had more negative opinions on Western countries when I was in China. And obviously, I am not the only person affected by governments' advocacy policy and this is not simply the question between China and European countries. It happened everywhere. It happened to American, to Japanese, to Koreans, to French, to every countries' people. We all can’t say our mind is 100% belong to us today. And this is the reason why I started this project. The inspiring concept of this project is "Doppelgänger", a word coming from German which is a biologically unrelated look-alike, or a double, of a living person. In mythology, it is always described as a ghostly phenomenon. The only goal of doppelgänger is replacing the living person, which is very close to how I regard the government, but also religions and other forces having the same tendency of guiding public recognition.

              In the project, I faked the real events and fictionalized the persons to set up a true and false story. All photos and text are designed, but they all have realistic references except the part of Mo Ray. I reported these realistic news in the way like fiction novel, and distorted them as the real example of people's identity being changed or replaced. According to different news, I separate the project in different chapters. A basic connecting point of different chapters is the portraits, which are all post-produced by the same person's face. The reason can be explained unconstrained, but for me, it represents my opinion that the complex influence are trying to set everyone the same. Every characters in this project have appearance similarities to MO RAY, which is a metaphor that all of us are facing the same situation of being replaced and disappearance, the disappearance of characteristics and individualities.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:


Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

To be continued