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Lingrui Feng is an artist using photographs like a pen. In his creation, he explores the combination method between literary genre and photography. Right now, he is focusing on researching on photography’s narrative function by combine with other medias, like sound and text. 

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Tel. 13138240931

Group Exhibition:

2022 Venice Biennale,Venetian Armory,Venice

2021 Locus amoenus, Art Nova 100, Beijing

2021 Useless Class and Homo Deus’s Lover, Being Space, Online

2021 Post Window, Post Window gallery, Hangzhou

2020 Coronavirus International Online Art Exhibition, NY20+, ONLINE

2020 "Anchorage", Parallel Exhibition of the 5th Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale

2020 “NeoPlationism”, Kunshan Art Museum, Suzhou

2020 “the first Unbounded Project”, Three Shadows, China

2020 “The Body”, A60 Exhibition, Millan

2019 “Off- Track”, Professor Stuart Hall, London

2019 “Pandora’s box”, No Space Online Exhibition, London & Beijing


2022.01, Sanya, Aranya

2021.09, Haikou, A8 Gallery

2019.12, 14-day Ripples Artist Residence Program


2019, Goldust Mag, London

2020, Zone Mag, London

2021, Xiangyue, Shanghai


2019, Lensculture Top Rated Portray, USA

2021, Chiri Shor Listed, China